Prime broker and marketplace for ILAO projects in the cryptocurrency market. Buy cryptocurrencies, stocks, derivatives and ILAO projects tokens at the best price using a single platform.

FinexBase Structure

FinexBase implements a transparent trade execution model. All transactions are made directly by liquidity providers. ILAO projects tokens are purchased directly from the blockchain and stored in investors’ wallets.


FinexBase interface is a professional trading terminals characterized by convenience, high order execution speed, built-in news feeds, and other advantages compared to web terminals commonly used in the cryptocurrency market.


ILAO projects



ILAO (Initial Locked Allocation Offering) is a revolutionary way to raise funds for promising crypto projects, which combines the advantages of blockchain and the traditions of the classical financial market. The ILAO format allows investors to evaluate crypto projects comprehensively; companies gain a chance not to spend time and money on marketing but to focus on product development entirely.


How it works?

  • A crypto project generates the amount of SAFT wNFT it needs.
  • It sets up a lockup period and places its project tokens inside for each SAFT wNFT.
  • The project fills out the project card and lists his SAFT wNFTs for sale on the FinexBase marketplace.
  • Investors can see the project card, all SAFT wNFTs offered for sale, the set lockup period and all details about the tokens.
  • Maximum transparency between the crypto project and investors is ensured.
  • SAFT wNFT purchased by investors, with crypto project tokens frozen inside, are stored in investor’s own wallet (usually a Metamask wallet), which ensures the complete safety of investor’s assets.

FinexBase is a single marketplace for ILAO projects!


NEXB token - FinexBase utility token

Token name:
FinexBase Token
Ticker Symbol:
Total Supply:
10 000 000 000 NEXB
Token Type:
Price NEXB pre-seed:
0,001 USDt
Price NEXB seed:
0,002 USDt
Price NEXB round A:
0,003 USDt
Total Lock up:
67% NEXB
Time Lock up:
from 01.07.2023 to 01.01.2025

Allocation of funds

Allocation of funds

  • 2% Pre-seed / Lock up 01.01.2024
  • 5% Seed / Lock up 01.10.2023
  • 10% Round A / Lock up 01.07.2023
  • 15% Marketing / Lock up 01.03.2024
  • 8% DEX / No Lock up
  • 25% CEX / No Lock up
  • 20% Liquidity on FinexBase / Lock up 01.01.2025
  • 15% Team / Lock up 01.01.2025


NEXB token – utility-token FinexBase


The NEXB token allows you to improve trading conditions, increase partner rewards, and gain access to educational and investment services.

The NEXB token is required for promising crypto projects to participate in ILAO.

FinexBase uses
the deflationary model of tokenomics for the NEXB token.

  • At the pre-seed, seed and round A stages, all tokens enter the market in the SAFT wNFT format with set lockup periods.
  • NEXB tokens, designed to develop the project and reward the team, have the longest lockup period.
  • The distribution of NEXB tokens is strictly tied to the FinexBase development roadmap.
  • To place or edit a personal card, a crypto project must pay 100,000 NEXB. Before the formation of liquidity pools on the DEX, it will be sold in OTC format, 1 NEXB equal to 0.005 USDt.


Road map

Road map
Pre-seed (Q2 2023)
  • allocation 2% of NEXB tokens in ILAO format;
  • freezing tokens of the team and FinexBase until 01/01/2025;
  • description of FinexBase broker;
  • marketplace for ILAO projects created FinexBase;
  • attracting 50 crypto projects to the ILAO marketplace by FinexBase;
  • liquidity pool on UNISWAP;
  • generating SAFT wNFT NEXB tokens for distribution at the seed stage.
Seed (Q3 2023)
  • allocation 5% of NEXB tokens in ILAO format;
  • MVP for FinexBase broker;
  • WEB 3.0;
  • staking NEXB tokens.
Round A (Q4 2023)
  • allocation 10% of NEXB tokens in ILAO format;
  • registering FinexBase brokerage company;
  • FinexBase personal account;
  • connecting the economic calendar to the FinexBase website;
  • MT5 terminal;
  • launching FinexBase Beta version.
Round B (Q1 2024)
  • allocation 5% of NEXB tokens on DEX;
  • adding forex and CFD instruments;
  • adding services for copying trades, auto-following;
  • adding the referral program;
  • enabling fully automatic listing on the marketplace of ILAO projects by FinexBase;
  • investor voting.
Public (Q2 2024)
  • listing of NEXB tokens on CEX;
  • adding NEXB liquidity to CEX in the amount of 10% of NEXB tokens;
  • adding stock market instruments and derivatives;
  • enabling margin trading;
  • entry of FinexBase brokerage company into the broad market.





Alexander Skurchaev
СЕО FinexBase
  • 2011-2012 – traded on the US stock market in the proprietary office SDG.
  • Participated in the development of an online bank together with ASD Technologies.
  • Since 2014 – various leadership positions, including those in crypto projects.
  • Since 2018 – Development Director and expert of the informational website about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Russian –
  • Since 2019 – founder and CEO of SANZA ASSET MANAGEMENT.
Aleksey Rubis
CTO FinexBase
  • System analyst. Developer.
  • Expert in the field of software interaction with crypto exchanges.
  • Author of more than 30 scientific articles in the field of IT and research.
Damir Myasoutov
CBDO/Business partner FinexBase
  • Founder and CEO of Metanomica.
  • Crypto investor/trader.
  • Deep expertise in Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse.
  • Advisor on several GameFi, DeFi projects
Information support




Frequency Asked Questions

What is FinexBase?

FinexBase, at the moment, is a marketplace of ILAO projects and a prime broker project in the cryptocurrency market.

Why do we need a new token distribution format?What difficulties does the ILAO format solve?

To answer this question, you need to start somewhat from afar. From 2014 to 2018, tokens of crypto projects were distributed in the ICO format. The ICO format was convenient for both investors and crypto projects, so it developed rapidly. But since it was easy to issue a token, and investors often lacked expertise, many scammers appeared on the market. Who issued tokens, sold them and hid with investors’ money.

The problem of the examination of crypto projects was taken over by the exchanges, and thus, from 2018 to 2019, a new format for the distribution of IEO tokens appeared. Starting in 2020, this function was taken over by specialized platforms, launchpads, and so the now well-known IDO token distribution format appeared.

But IDO has one big problem – the distribution of tokens is actually carried out manually and on contractual relationships. Investors cannot see on what terms other participants entered the project and there is virtually no transparency between the crypto project and the investor.

ILAO – completely solves the issue of transparency of the relationship between the investor and the crypto project. The investor sees how many tokens are frozen, up to what time and at what price they were sold. The investor sees all the processes for the token and can make an informed and informed decision when buying a token in the SAFT wNFT format.

On the other hand, the crypto project does not need to explain anything further to the investor, since all information is as transparent as possible.

At the same time, the FinexBase marketplace provides convenience both for crypto projects to place their tokens in the ILAO format, and for investors

How can a representative of a crypto project place his tokens in the ILAO format?

You need to fill in your details in the feedback form at the link

What is the NEXB token and why is it needed?

The NEXB token is the FinexBase utility token. The NEXB token is necessary for crypto projects to place their tokens on the FinexBase marketplace.

The NEXB token also allows you to improve trading conditions, increase partner remuneration, as well as gain access to educational and investment services at the stage when the corresponding FinexBase functionality will work.

Therefore, at present, the NEXB token is needed both for crypto projects that want to place their tokens on the FinexBase marketplace, and for potential investors.

How to buy a NEXB token?

The NEXB token is sold in ILAO format, via the FinexBase marketplace.

For crypto projects, the sale of NEXB is currently carried out in the OTC format.

The price of the NEXB token on the OTC is: 1 NEXB = 0,005 USDt.

The price of the NEXB token on the OTC is significantly higher than the price of the NEXB token distributed in the ILAO format, via SAFT wNFT.

How safe is it to freeze tokens in SAFT wNFT?
If the server, disabling which all SAFT wNFT disappear?

All SAFT wnfts are purchased from the blockchain and stored on the investor’s wallet (as a rule, this is a metamask wallet).

In fact, there is a transfer of SAFT wNFT from the wallet of the crypto project to the wallet of the investor.

The protocol is completely decentralized and therefore SAFT wNFT are under the full control of the owner, like other cryptocurrencies, with a similar level of security.

What is a lockup period?

This is the token freeze time. In other words, until that time, tokens cannot be extracted from SAFT wNFT.

Is it possible to sell SAFT wNFT during the lockup period?

Yes. On the investor’s wallet, SAFT wNFT will be defined as an ERC-721 format token.

It can be sold or simply moved from wallet to wallet.

But it is important to understand that during the lollap period, only SAFT wNFT can be sold (moved). The tokens inside will still be frozen.


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